How consumption of artificial mangoes damages your health


How consumption of artificial mangoes damages your health

Harmful effects of consuming artificially harvested mangoes

When summer arrives, mangoes are the first thing that comes to our mind. Boxes containing different varieties of mangoes are seen in market areas. This fruit is relished all over the country by people of all age groups. However, many are not aware of the hazardous chemicals used to mature mangoes.

In order to meet the high demand and offer the fruit in a short time frame, several fruit traders make use of calcium carbide, a synthetic ripening agent which is commonly available. The chemical makes the mangoes soft and makes them appear shiny, smooth and yellow from all sides. But since they are artificially treated, they have a dissatisfying taste and flavour.

Calcium carbide is a highly poisonous and dangerous substance. Mangoes which are developed with the help of this chemical could produce many damaging effects on the human body such as:

1. Disturb intestinal functioning:

Calcium carbide contains an alkaline compound which can act as an irritant and corrode the mucosal muscles in the stomach. This erosion can upset the functioning of the stomach and result in abdominal problems.

2. Possibility of causing cancer:

This hazardous chemical has bits of arsenic and phosphorus hydride which can result in cancer. Some initial signs of poisoning caused due to consumption of these two substances include weakness, eye irritation, burning feeling in the stomach and chest, trouble swallowing, breathing difficulties, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, cough, skin ulcers or sore throat.

3. Affects the neurological system:

Acetylene gas which is produced by calcium carbide can weaken the nervous system by triggering hypoxia for a long period of time. Hypoxia is an illness which reduces oxygen supply to the tissues and blood. Certain signs of this disorder include headache, drowsiness, mood swings, loss of memory, disorientation and lethargy.

Even though the use of calcium carbide has been prohibited in several nations, it is being used on a wide scale. Even though we can’t put an end to this risky process, but as educated consumers we can certainly refrain from consuming such chemical-laden mangoes and opt for naturally harvested ones.

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